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Hello, how are you? Can I help you? (: I have a degree in Digital Media Communication and work with Web Development and UI Design, creating websites and application interfaces with emphasis on User Experience (UX). My proposal is quite simple: turn your idea into a viable and optimized digital solution.
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- UX/UI Designer & Front-End Developer -


Planning and




I create screens that convert, through good use of design and usability techniques, to websites and apps.




- Know some of my works -

Project 01


Idealization, prototyping, design, development

Demidias is a digital platform that contemplates the students productions of the UFPB Digital Media Communication Graduation Course. It was my undergraduate project and all conception - idea, research, prototyping, design, development and completion - was my own.

Project 02

Natália Mendonça

Prototyping, design, development

Natália Mendonça works by selling courses - in person and online - in which she teaches her recipes of fine sweets, such as macarons, bem casados and cakes, the first being her specialty. In this project, I planned and developed a website with an ecommerce and an integrated event schedule, to facilitate the sale of online courses and the dissemination of presential classes and workshops.

Project 03



NewWork is the largest coworking in Paraíba and is located in the city of João Pessoa. A place where innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and technology are always present. The challenge of this project was to convey to the site this innovative spirit, through a minimalist design, but with sophisticated transitions. I was responsible for the development and worked with the TagZag team.

Project 04



Lourdinas is a school of generations. Founded in 1908, Nossa Senhora de Lourdes school educates children and adolescents based on the Christian principles of freedom and solidarity. The challenge of the project was to communicate in a jovial language, with a current design but maintaining traditional Christian principles. I was responsible for the development and worked with the TagZag team.

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